Shocolat KETO Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – 2-pack


Chocolate, meet hazelnut. Hazelnut, meet chocolate.

Ingredients: Hazelnut, Allulose, MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber, Organic Fair Trade Criollo Cacao, Salt, Tahitian Vanilla Bean.


Plant based, Non GMO, Keto friendly, Pareve, Gluten free, No artificial sweetener, No sugar added, No sugar alcohols, dairy free, soy free

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Shocolat KETO Chocolate Spreads – Plant Based Chocolate – 2 SKUS – Shelf Stable


– 0 GRAM NET CARBS PER JAR! The ultimate fuel for a ketogenic lifestyle. Enjoy 1 jar by itself as a meal when you are tempting a sweet treat while staying committed to your diet.

– 0 GRAMS SUGAR: Naturally sweetened with Allulose. Allulose is a “rare” natural, low calorie sugar found in small quantities in raisins, kiwis and jackfruit. A monosaccharide, or simple sugar, it is absorbed by the body, but it is not metabolized so it is nearly calorie-free. You can subtract Allulose from the total net carbs. Allulose is a zero-net added sugar, and does not impact blood sugar levels (GI Index).

– NO AFTERTASTE AND NO GASTRIC EFFECTS: Our spreads have a clean and sweet finish that is free of any bitter or strange aftertaste. Unlike other alternative sweeteners, Allulose does not cause any bloating or gastric discomfort.

– HEALTHY FATS & NO PALM OIL: Smooth, rich, chocolatey and creamy taste enhanced with MCT oil from Coconuts. Each serving delivers 11-12 grams of healthy fats.

– CRAFTED WITH SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Our Keto spreads are made with NO preservatives & NO artificial ingredients.


-Vegan, Non-GMO, Dairy Free, Soy-Free & Kosher.

-2 Flavors – Chocolate Hazelnut & Chocolate Peanut Butter.