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Simply Free Dressing - Spicy Harissa - 4-pack

Grab a glass of water. Spicy Harissa is designed for those craving a bit of heat. No, it won’t leave you drenching your tongue with milk, but it’ll certainly make you feel alive.

    • Supports healthy brain function & health maintenance
    • Promotes cardiovascular health and optimal wellness

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Simply Free Dressing - Spicy Harissa - 4-pack

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Simply Free Wellness Dressings – Plant Based Dressings – 4 SKUS – Shelf Stable

-Our Dressing line is the cleanest product on the market.

-Only 15 calories per serving, 0 g of added Sugar and only 1g of fat.

-Omega 3’s from Chia Seed Oil plus added Prebiotics.

-Vegan, Non-GMO, Allergen Friendly, Dairy Free & Kosher.

-4 Unique flavors – Greek Feta Dill, Spicy Harissa, Zesty Garlic & Lime & Moroccan Spiced Lemon.